Gender Roles

Growing up I played with pink, pink everything. Pink toys, ink clothes, barbies dressed in pink, pink cars and carriages. Girls toys were designed much differently than a boys toy, form the baby dolls, to tiaras and dresses. Girls toys were directed more towards taking car of a baby, or playing house and cooking in the kitchen. Girls toys weren’t guided towards playing with trucks or building with tools, but who says we don’t like getting dirty and playing with tools?

Image result for little girl toyImage result for girls kitchen set

Boys toys were all about building and fixing things, cars and trucks not playing dress up and house. While girls items were pinks and purples, they boys toys were black or red, and if you were cool had flames on the side of the cars. Boys and girls were separated by what society though was “their” kind of toys, when it shouldn’t matter if a girl wants to play with a truck and run through the mud, or if a boy wants to play house and dress up. We shouldn’t put limitations on what kids are/aren’t supposed to play with, because kids need to be able to express themselves in every way possible.

Image result for boys toys Image result for boys toys

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