Online Reading Comprehension

Technology is used in our everyday life whether we like it or not. We use our technology to get out of doing the hard things. For example in school, students are given homework and most of the time either use the internet for help or to fully complete the assignment. Technology can also further our learning as long as we understand how to work it. Like how to navigate a website, or how to properly cite a website.

Citing a website is something many people do not know how to do, or use websites that do it for you and never learn. Citing a  website is done in five simple steps. 1) Author’s last name 2)First initial 3)Date it was published 4)Page title and 5)” Retrieved from” and then the websites URL. Such a simple task and yet I even had to look up how to cite. Kids today are given the simple way of doing things, either from a website or a teacher just giving the answer. Students need to comprehend how to do things without technology, as a precaution to when they don’t have access to it 24/7.


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