Spring Break

A spring break that I will never forget!! As a freshman this was the first actual spring break, like the ones you see in movies and on t.v, although that wasn’t how my spring break went down. My spring break consisted of a five and a half hour drive down to Delaware, jam packed into a van with nine other people. Other than that it was an amazing trip that I love talking about and telling people exactly what I did down there.

After the almost six hour drive down, we finally made it to the church we were staying in which was located in Laurel, DE. Once we were settled in the first night was just us exploring the church, and playing games with the rest of the club members. The rest of the week was spent helping build a house in Ellendale, DE. Siding, painting, putting in floors, and cleaning up the area was done every day of the week for seven hours a day. During those seven hours there was a lot of laughing and joking that made the time fly by each day. Our nights after work consisted of us either exploring Delaware or staying in making dinner and hanging out all together. Even just having a night in was the best because it allowed us to all become so much closer than before the trip, and I’m just so great full that I was apart of this amazing journey.

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